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Allston-Brighton, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett and West End of Boston

Elder Affairs

Senior citizens are invaluable members of our community, and it is of the highest importance that we ensure the best quality of life for elder population. I strongly believe that we must support seniors throughout the Commonwealth to live longer, productive, and independent lives. In order to accomplish this, we must ensure that the programs and organizations that we have to offer receive ample support from the Legislature so they can continue to provide the high quality services that many of our seniors rely on. This is why throughout my tenure in the State Senate, I have been a strong advocate of legislation that promotes the health and livelihood of our senior community.

Councils on Aging are points of socialization, wellness, and community for the Massachusetts elder population, as well as their families and caregivers. These municipal agencies provide a variety of services, including health screenings, meals, transportation,  fitness, recreation, and lifelong learning. For many elderly residents, local senior centers provide a home away from home, offering a safe and supportive place where they can socialize and remain active in their community. I have worked hard over the years to ensure that Councils on Aging and local seniors centers receive the funding they need to continue providing the first-class programs that our seniors deserve.

Every senior should be able to access housing and services that fit their needs, and as legislators, it is our job to ensure they are provided with high quality services including home care, assisted living and nursing homes. In particular, the quality of care our seniors receive depends on the quality of those who care for them. I strongly believe the Legislature must support Massachusetts caregivers to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible support to our loved ones. As such, throughout my tenure in the State Senate, I have been a strong advocate of the Quality Nursing Home Care Initiative and providing greater funding for home care and nursing homes throughout the Commonwealth.

It is vital that we ensure our senior citizens are able to remain active participants in our communities and receive support tailored to their specific needs. They have contributed so much to our society, and we must honor all that they have done for us by guaranteeing access to the programs they rely on. As a Massachusetts Senator, I will continue to advocate for the programs and initiatives that our seniors deserve.